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Support for Noureen in 2020

“During the time that Noureen has served as the student member of the Maryland State Board of Education, she has actively fought to elevate the voice of students in numerous decision-making bodies, advocated for making the State Board more inclusive of hearing public comments from students, and traversed the state to ensure that every student feels seen and heard. With so many important reforms happening in education in our state, students need a proven leader to continue at the helm. I believe Noureen is that leader and I am proud to endorse her for a second term!” - Kyle Smith, 2017-2018 Student Member of the Maryland State Board of Education


“Noureen Badwi is by far one of the most driven and goal-oriented people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting. She goes above and beyond in everything she does, whether it be trying to change policy for the good of students in Maryland or just being a good friend. She is nothing short of inspirational to anyone and everyone she meets, and is the perfect candidate to have a second term. Not only will she be more than ready to rise to the challenge once again, she will only exceed expectations, breaking down barriers while working tirelessly for the good of Maryland students.” - Tolu Dapo-Adeyemo, Maryland Association of Student Councils State Legislative Affairs Coordinator 2019-2020, Charles County


“Noureen has shown time and time again that the students of Maryland can count on her to advocate on their behalf. From her work in MASC, MYAC, and being the current State SMOB, she has proven to all of us the level of dedication she has for representing the student voice. Being in Carroll County, we often feel that we are forgotten, but Noureen enthusiastically attended one of our General Assemblies, spoke eloquently about her role, empowered so many students to get involved, and most importantly, showed the students in Carroll County that she has and will continue to fight for them, too. There is no other candidate or possible student of the 896,000+ students in Maryland Public Schools that I think can nearly fill the shoes that she will leave behind as she has really elevated the role and importance of the student member. She has more experience than anyone I know in the state, and has an immense passion for what she does. As the current State SMOB, she has put in overwhelming work and time necessary to successfully carry out the role, and with important and transformative educational reforms in this upcoming year, Noureen Badwi is the only candidate that I trust will be able to finish out the immense strides and work she has started to accomplish on the State Board of Education.” - Grant Procopio, Maryland Association of Student Councils Post Secondary Resource Coordinator, Carroll County Student Government Association Chief of Staff, Student at Liberty High School

“Beyond a doubt, Noureen is the most qualified person to run for State SMOB in years. As a fellow leader, a student, and  activist, Noureen has done it all. In all she does, she exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Noureen acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation. She has gained respect from the public as well as the law makers and government officials. I most admire Noureen for her selfless volunteer work. I acquired respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence, and dedication to a good cause. She put many hours into making the other optimistic about their future. Over these past weeks, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. Her honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs, and her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates' expected techniques and talk. I am writing today to express my support for her campaign and my intention both to vote for her in the upcoming elections and to spread the word to others of the value of her policies and abilities. I am hoping for her success because Maryland students need it. When she wins, we win.” - Precious Nwokorie, Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Government Member, Director of Public Relations for the PGCPS SMOB, Parkdale HS class of 2020


“Attempting to bring youth advocacy to the lower shore is a daunting task on its own, but Noureen has been a huge help. She brings the spirit of connectivity to everyone she meets and has a true passion for pulling communities together. There is not a more qualified student in Maryland to serve as Student Member of the Board. - Grace Acle, Member, Maryland Youth Advisory Council, Student in Wicomico County Public Schools


“Noureen needs to be state SMOB another year. There simply is no one better for the job than she is. Noureen has been in state advocacy for years. Even as an underclassmen when Noureen is so high up, she is incredibly easy to talk to, kind, and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. She always makes sure that we know that students know that she is one of us. Especially as a student from St. Mary’s county Noureen has been relentless about school safety and our students. In the light of the Great Mills shooting, she hardly slept for two weeks because she nearly single handedly planned a school safety forum in Annapolis to bring legislators and students together before sine die when she was Chief of Staff of MASC. Noureen often is not given full recognition for the immeasurable work she does but knowing how many sleepless nights she has and how many sacrifices she makes to be student member, I am fully positive there is not a single student in our state who would such selflessly put every student in the state before themselves, and certainly no one who works as hard as she does. I strongly support her re-election.” - Antonio Rivers, St. Mary’s Association of Student Councils Parliamentarian, Student at Leonardtown High School

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Noureen over the course of her term and I have no doubt in mind that she is the perfect candidate. After speaking with her on several occasions, I could see her passion for the work that she does on a daily basis, and that passion is what I know will be for the best interest of students all across Maryland. Noureen has several skills and characteristics that make her the ideal candidate for this position: her ability to accept different viewpoints, her knowledge and experience of the Maryland School Board, and her approachability. I am currently serving as the Student Member of the Board of St. Mary’s County and even as a smaller, southern county, Noureen has never forgotten our concerns and always made sure that our voices as students matter. She has stood by us for all of the school safety incidents that faced our schools, came to our student council general assembly, and always put our needs as students first." - Naggena Ohri, St. Mary's Student Member of the Board 2019-2020 


“I have supported Noureen for years and she is hands down the most hardworking person I know in State Student Council. To put how seriously she takes her role in perspective, she has visited Charles county multiple times, driving over ten hours, to interact with students in my county. Since getting her driver’s license in November, she has literally made over eleven  school and regional visits and is on track to visit all 24 counties in the next few months. No other student member candidate from the past couple months has done that nor has any State SMOB from the past few years been as involved in communities as she is. She is by far the most in touch student member I know and she fights for every single one of those nearly one-million students. I support her candidacy for reelection without a single doubt that her staying in her current position is the best interest of the students.” -Tyne Kidd, 1st Vice President of the Charles County Association of Student Councils


“Noureen has proven herself to be a capable leader both on and off the State Board of Education. She truly cares about and centers the student voice in all of her advocacy, which is unfortunately rare for people in her position. She speaks about the experiences of students with unique passion and works to do what's best for all of them on a daily basis. I can think of nobody more qualified to serve in this position than Noureen. I humbly endorse her to be re-appointeed to be the State SMOB in Maryland.” - Brian Kramer, Montgomery County Student Advocate, Aspiring Educator


““Noureen is not only an effective, intelligent, and hard working person--but a role model for many. I remember being with her at an event where after exposing her role, a young middle school student asked,  “so you are our boss right?” To which she immediately replied, “Absolutely not. I work for you. Every decision I make is informed by you and it is for you. I am not your boss, you are my boss.” That moment explained Noureen perfectly. She puts all 896,836 students that she represents at the front of her mind everyday. With their educations weighing down on her shoulders, she is relentless in making sure that the decisions made at the state board are in the best interest of students. Not only that, but Noureen is a role model for everyone she meets--especially young women. Over the past fifteen years, there have been only three female SMOBs, and Noureen has empowered so many women. She even started the MASC Women’s Leadership Forum in 2018 that has continued annually. Seeing her interact with young students and getting them involved is so heartwarming and her passion radiates. There is no better person fitting of being the first two-termed State SMOB." - Emiley Kim, Carroll County Student Government Association, Student Workshop Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator


“Something people won’t tell you is that Noureen’s story wasn’t always easy--at all. Knowing Noureen closely, she won’t tell you how hard she had to work to get to where she is or how little recognition she has often gone without getting. Just as one example, I still remember Noureen in 8th grade running to be 1st Vice President of MASC, with nearly no experience--a position often given to tenured MASC members. Although she lost her election, her passion and work ethic was extremely prominent despite her age and experience at the time. Leaving us as officers at the time with no choice but to make her the Chief of Staff of MASC, a position historically given to seniors in High School with extensive student council experience. To this day, she is the best Chief of Staff I have ever known in MASC and led an extremely productive and effective 38 person staff when she was just a freshman and when the vast majority were juniors and seniors. Since then, Noureen has made student voice, educational equity, and fighting for a high quality education for EVERY student, her livelihood. All of the accomplishments she has had were well-deserved. I believe wholeheartedly Noureen should be the 2020-2021 State SMOB and deserves to be the first two-termed state SMOB.” - Grace Herron, MASC Public Relations Coordinator 2018-2020, MASC 2nd Vice President 2017-2018

Support for Noureen in 2019

“Noureen Badwi possesses the perfect combination of traits a SMOB needs: she’s both change-driven and a uniter, both hard working and humble, both incredibly smart and hungry to learn more. As a former SMOB, I know the unique challenges the position throws at you at a moment’s notice. Noureen doesn’t just have the motivation to be an amazing SMOB, she has the experience and tenacity too. Her countless hours spent advocating for students in Annapolis, incredible breadth of experience serving us in all corners of the state as a key part of the Maryland Association of Student Councils, and habitual study of our State Government give her the unique proven record of success that will allow for her to hit the ground running on day one. I could not think of someone more qualified or fitting for the role of State Student Member of the Board.” -Will Anderson, Student Member of the Frederick County Public Schools Board of Education 2017-18, Treasurer of the Maryland Association of Student Councils 2016-17

“A great leader isn't someone who sets out to become a leader, its someone who sets out to make a difference. This absolutely defines Noureen’s character. Ever since I met Noureen everything that she has done to better the education and safety of the students within our state has truly inspired me to follow in her footsteps and do the things that other people aren't willing to do. It is role models like her who should be representing the students within our state, which is why I, fully support Noureen Badwi for Student Member of the Maryland State Board of Education” -George Nickels, President of the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils 2018-19


“I am in support of Noureen Badwi not just for all her years of experience but for the heart behind it. Her dedication to MASC and the students of Maryland is clear in everything she does. This isn’t just a position for her but a platform from which all the students of this state can be heard. She has always been a champion of the students no matter what position she’s in and I know that will carry into the work she will do for the state. Her passion for this work is inspiring and why I know she will make an incredible SMOB.” - Justina Blanco, President of the Prince George's Regional Association of Student Governments


“Noureen Badwi is running for Student Member of the Board of Education. She is the most qualified out of all the candidates for this position, has the most experience and is one of the nicest people on the MASC executive board. I met Noureen when I was running for an officer position for the state. Even though she was a freshman running for vice president, she was confident and delivered a powerful speech. After the election, she applied for the MASC executive board. Her composed, mature and organized personality showed the officers that she would be the next Chief of Staff; a position rarely given to someone her age. I worked with her throughout the year. Noureen was in the highest classes and successfully balanced all her MASC duties. She planned and ran the School Safety Forum in Annapolis in the span of a week and got countless policymakers to attend the event. Not only is she involved in MASC, but BCSC as well. Noureen is involved on many levels, held countless positions and has great connections with students and adults. Her kind and welcoming nature just pulls everyone in. Noureen would be the best person to represent all students on the state board of education!” -Grace Herron, Treasurer of the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils 2018-19, MASC 2nd Vice President 2017-18


“I support Noureen Badwi because I know she will be the catalyst for change. She is relentless in everything she does, and Maryland students deserve a leader who is willing to fight for our needs. It is without a doubt that I say that Noureen will give her heart and soul to this position and to all of us students.” -Jake Turner, President of the Baltimore County Student Councils 2017-18, MASC Central Divisional Liaison 2018-19


“For the past couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Student Member of the Board of Education for Baltimore County, and being a colleague and friend to Noureen Badwi. I am writing this endorsement as in support of Noureen as Student Member of the State Board of Education. I have had the opportunity of working with Noureen who has shown her passion for advocating for student voice through multiple platforms. As Noureen is is both the Maryland Youth Advisory Council Vice Chair and MASC Legislative Affair Coordinator, her love for student advocacy embodies a responsive, active, and diligent leader. Noureen continuously impresses me with her ability to successfully juggle and handle her leadership positions while also remaining true to the focus: students and their voices equally being heard. As she applies her understanding in policy and its effect on students, Noureen makes it her priority to effectively advocate for diverse student populations she encounters, making sure equity and inclusion are front line. Certainly, Noureen Badwi is an overqualified candidate that has valuable planning and leadership skills which will allow her to contribute immensely to the State Board of Education.” - Haleemat Adekoya, Student Member of the Baltimore County Public Schools Board of Education 2018-19


“Noureen Badwi, in my opinion, is the best possible candidate for the position of State SMOB for a variety of reasons. Not only is she well experienced in student council, but she demonstrates drive, ethic, leadership, and passion. Although her circumstances haven’t always been ideal, Noureen has always poured herself into student council because of the meaning behind the work she has done alongside a multitude of students across her county and Maryland.” -Thomas McPherson, 1st Vice President of the Washington County Association of Student Councils


“I am deeply honored to endorse my friend, Noureen Badwi, for Student Member on the State Board of Education. Passion, determination, and a focus for what matters most. Noureen reflects all of this and so much more. She is a leader that will put the students of Maryland first which is why I fully support her candidacy!”- Ruben Amaya, Finalist for State Student Member of the Board 2017-18, President of the Baltimore County Student Councils 2018-19