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Noureen's Story

I remember vividly when I was in middle school, the moment I found out about student organizations and how they inspired me to make a difference. And when got involved in advocacy early on, I grew to become very passionate about propelling the student voice. Students are consistently the largest and most impacted, yet the least listened to stakeholder. I wanted to change that.

Since February of my 8th grade, I would go on to closely watch educational policy in my county and in the state. I was inspired by the State and County SMOB's I had met and seen on Board of Education meeting livestreams and knew that State SMOB was something I wanted to pursue. July 1, 2019, I was sworn in as State SMOB and since then I have continued the fight relentlessly.


For me, student voice and advocacy is very personal. As a former FARMs, ESOL, and currently 504 student, my educational story was never easy. Student council and advocating for myself and my peers was what liberated me. And I believe it in my bones that when we listen to students we can solve any problem in education. In a day and age where we have 40-50% achievement gaps, when students are rating their schools on the Maryland climate survey an average of 5.2/10, we have no choice but to listen. 

Serving in a myriad of high state positions, I have worked tirelessness to put students first in all policy and put their voices first too. I have been MASC Chief of Staff, State Legislative Affairs Coordinator, MYAC Chairwoman, a local student leader, and for the past 8 months, as State SMOB. I know what it takes to be successful and my track record of hard-work and effectiveness. In a time where Maryland is going through more educational reform than it has in decades, we need the strongest student advocate at the table. I promised students last year that I would be a change you could count on---and you can keep counting on me.